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Purgatory Reformatory School

Purgatory Reform School
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The school was first opened in 1960 as a boys only school but later became co-ed as it is today. It has been closed down many times for various different reasons including the abuse of the adolescents sentenced to live there as well unsuitable living conditions. The state always manages to find some way to reopen it. Nothing really improves, they just find new ways to hide what goes on inside it's walls. The troubled youths sent to Purgatory know this is their last chance to change and straighten themselves out before they end up in prison as to whether any of them really care is another story.


Below is a picture of one of the dorms that the students will live in:


  • Rooms can hold up to 4 occupants however most only have 2 per room

  • The Boy's Dormitory is located in the East Wing

  • The Girl's Dormitory is located in the West Wing

  • Bathroom's are shared and located at the end of each hall in the separate wings

  • Community and classrooms area's are co-ed

  • Get to know your roommate. A Room Assignment List can be found here Here


  • Lock Down is at 10pm sharp

  • Breakfast is at 7am

  • Classes start at 8am

  • No sex

  • No drugs or alcohol

  • No smoking

  • No fighting

  • No members of opposite sex in regulated dormitories

  • You may not be outside of the building unless it is during approved times with supervision

  • Any student breaking the rules will be placed in solitary confinement

  • *These are not game rules you can Role Play any of them and it's depends on your storyline if you want your character(s) to get caught*


    *These are community rules and must be followed*

  • Characters may be anyone including but not limited to band members, band managers, actors, actresses models... etc. Original characters are welcomed as long as you have pictures of what they look like. Additionally, movie and TV characters are allowed as PBs of the actor or actress that played them (including superheroes/antiheroes however superpowers are not allowed)

  • There is no limit on the amount of characters you have as long as you are active. Please don't let it get out of hand. Please don't let it get out of hand. Please comment Appropriate Post to put a character on hold. Holds will last 3 DAYS if you need longer for any reason please let us know.

  • This is a LiveJournal RP, so please make a LJ only for your character. The livejournal should have something to do with your character. Roleplays take place on AIM please make an AIM screen name for your character. Please make sure that your AIM has something to do with your character. If you have more than one character please make a separate screen name and journal for each character.

  • Please also note your characters live journal with an appropriate disclaimer to let people know that it is for Role Playing purposes only and you are not the character you are portraying. In addition to this please friend lock all of your entries. Consider this Rule to serve as a DISCLAIMER for the community that nothing contained here is real and is purely for Role Play, creativity and entertainment purposes only.

  • No OOC (out of character) drama. Again everyone repeat this NO OOC DRAMA. Your start it, we ban you, end of story. Please everyone be mature and respectful so everyone can have fun. Focus on your drama IC (in character) instead to keep it interesting.

  • No God moding. This is NEVER acceptable. Only play and control your own character and let everyone else play there own. If you really have to control another character then make a second character

  • No death of a character permitted. If you need or want to quit playing a character be nice and make them move away so someone else can pick up the character later. We do not require a new member picking up a previously played character to keep the storylines unless they would like to. Please let a mod know that you are leaving so we can open that character up to someone else

  • Male pregnancy is allowed. Please see the baby rules and fill out a baby request form

  • Many different kinds of relationships are allowed, just like in real life. Marriage and Divorce is allowed without the concent of a MOD, however, you must inform both MODS should your characters make this decision. Polyamorous relationships are allowed and incest is allowed if that truly makes you happy. Pretty much anything goes in less it causes too much of a controversy.

  • Duplicate characters. I am aware that most communities don't even have such a thing but here we do. A duplicate character can only exist if a person once played that character and wants to return but the character is now taken. Both the parties have to be in agreeance for this to occur. Previous player must have proof that they once played the character, (EX. Journals or logs will do) and new player must agree. Then together they must come up with a creative storyline. The characters cannot each have the same name, meaning only one will bare the actual name of the celebrity or person, the other will be known as a PB or played by using the same pictures. It is rare and unlikely for this to occur but it can.

  • Please come to a MOD about all plot altering events that occur in your story line before doing something that could majorly impact the community as we know it. These kind of things include but are not limited to run aways involving your character or multiple characters, pregnancies (see above rule) and false pregnancies.

  • Please update your character journals at least once every two weeks. If you go more then 2 weeks without posting we will be forced to pull you character. Although we understand things happen, we would like to keep an active community. After you have been removed twice from the community you are not allowed back in.

  • If you will be away for more than 10 days, please fill out a hiatus request form. Hiatus requests made as an OOC notation in your character journal will NOT be accepted and you risk being dropped if you request a hiatus in this way (it HAS happened).

  • Role playing in any form is allowed, third person most commonly used.

  • Please be literate and do not use net speak (EX: Instead of 2 spell out too or instead of U spell out You) do not use lol or smiley's ect. when your character is in person with another person. When your character is talking on AIM with another character this is acceptable however.
  • Please somehow separate actions from dialogue (EX: I walk over to you and smile "Hello" ) if you need help please let someone know

  • Please somehow separate your OOC conversations from your IC conversations. Using something such as (( )) or {{ }} or // or ++ in front of to signify this is not happening between your characters will really help and avoid confusion.

  • We want to know that you really read these rules please put Life Is Becoming a Nightmare Sequence in your subject line

  • After applying and being accepted into the community please make sure you become an official member of the community and sub-community purgatory_logs by clicking join community at the top of the page. We will be using the information on your application to make your characters profile so please be detailed. We delete applications after you are added.

  • Please remember the MODS are your friends. We are here to help you if you need anything. We just want this to be fun for everyone.

  • You must post an application using your characters livejournal in the Appropriate Post. Please use one of the applications below. There are two types of characters Student or Staff Member. Please use one of the following Applications.

  • Student Application:
    Students can be between the ages of 14-21

    Staff Application:
    Staff members must 25+



    If you are not a member the Taken/Held list can be viewed Here

    If you are a member it can be viewed Here


    AIM: AdmireTheMax
    Email: admirethemax@aim.com

    AIM: xshadowxdodgerx
    Email: shadowpassinthru@yahoo.com

    MOD JOURNAL: purgatoryxmod

    SUB COMMUNITY purgatory_logs

    SECRETS JOURNAL: secretpurgatory

    PROFILES JOURNAL: purgatoryfiles