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Posted by purgatoryxmod on 2008.02.19 at 16:57


William Beckett
xbeckettsays at 2008-10-01 02:26 (UTC) (Link)

Life is becoming a nightmare sequence

Character's name: William Beckett
Where we know them from: TAI...
Characters journal: this one [xbeckettsays]
Characters AIM S/N: xBeckettSaysx
Characters Sex and Age: Male (though I wonder..) and 17

Characters Sexual Orientation: Please. Gay

Characters Personality:

On first appearances, William Beckett seems arrogant, self-centered, egotistical, the list goes on. Even some of his close friends would sometimes say that they don’t know who the real Will is. He hides himself behind a wall of sarcasm and a ridiculously false sense of self-belief, to avoid having to admit he actually has weaknesses. When you get through the defences, however, he is actually a sweet, affectionate, and incredibly loyal person. He copes with most things by thinking that if he ignores an issue it will go away and that’s that. You will struggle to convince him of anything otherwise.

Characters Background what and what they did to be sent to Purgatory:

Will came from a broken family, his parents divorcing young enough in his life for him not to remember the raging fights and insults thrown back and forth between his mother and father. He stayed with his father for seven years, but was taken from him and left with his mother when it was discovered that his father had a drinking problem. After this, he lived in Detroit with his mother and grandmother.
Will was always closer to his grandmother than the rest of his family/ When she died shortly after this, Will was determined to make something of himself, but lost sight of this dream later as he was kicked out by his mother after coming home drunk from a party, something most teenagers do, but something that offended her more than Will realised it would. He lived with a few friends, but when they moved away he had nowhere to go. He had to resort to stealing to get anything, but when a police officer undercover offered to pay him for sex, Will agreed and as a result, got stuck in Purgatory. Though he’s been through a lot, Will refuses to actually speak about it, believing very firmly in a past is the past mentality.

Do you understand all of the rules, and will you follow them?: Of course

RP Sample (using the character your applying for):

Will ignored the phone in his pocket as it started ringing. It was probably just another asshole from school asking if he'd really been sent to a reformatory school. He sighed and slouched in his chair. If it hadn't been for his mother just letting him get thrown in here, he'd be back at home and perfectly fine. If it wasn't for her, a lot of things wouldn't have happened, actually. Fucking woman. Screwed it all up, she did.

A Picture of your Character:

Mod Journal For Purgatory Reformatory RP Community
purgatoryxmod at 2008-10-01 13:53 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Life is becoming a nightmare sequence

Accepted! Add everyone, join the community and make an intro post.
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