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Posted by purgatoryxmod on 2008.02.19 at 16:57


Donnie Darko
dontdonniedarko at 2008-09-23 03:54 (UTC) (Link)

Life Is Becoming a Nightmare Sequence

Character's name: Donnie Darko
Where we know them from: Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal) from the film, Donnie Darko.
Characters journal: dontdonniedarko
Characters AIM S/N: Dawn on Donnie
Characters Sex and Age: Male and 16
Characters Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Characters Personality: Paranoia schizophrenia. Has a slight schizoid typal personality, thinks a hell lot more logically than he does with his emotions. Quite blunt and to the point, often forgetting anything about other people's emotions. Not really a jerk, not always. Polite, a bit modest and often out-spoken. Tells people what he thinks, never really thinking of the consequences. Quite sexual too, and a bit of a pervert.
Characters Background what and what they did to be sent to Purgatory:
Donnie Darko really did have a mostly normal child hood. He had two sisters, an older and a younger- not completely far from his age range. His parents sent him to a Catholic school where anything outside of the little black book was pretty banned from speaking about. Though gaining inspiration from books and his English teacher, the boy found his voice. After a while, he began to have daytime hallucinations- at first blaming the pot he smoked. But once he quit that, he realized that maybe something was a little wrong. To help him, his parents sent him on his way to therapy. Having a history of social anxiety and paranoia in his past, he was put down for paranoia schizophrenic personality disorder. Which was fine by him.
Never one to really be good in social situations, Donnie still managed to gain a few friends. Enough to have his back and to have someone to sit with at lunch. Awkward around girls, he found himself constantly horny. Though once he did get laid by a female, he found it. Well. Not so awesome. The teenager soon began to envision a large man in a rabbit costume following him around and talking to him.
Convinced that the rabbit saved his life from some bizarre car accident, he feels obliged to do anything Frank orders him to do. This lead him to doing quite a few remediable things. From breaking a water pipe and flooding the school, to burning down two houses, threatening teachers and speaking out against them, bashing an axe into the head of the bulldog mascot statue and spray painting a slightly apologetic note below. The teenager clearly had some problems.
For whatever reason, Frank wanted him to do it. And what Frank wanted, Frank got.
There for, his parents decided to send him somewhere where maybe Frank could be ignored and Donnie could contain his misbehavior and not have the same opportunities to cause trouble. Though he still frequently sleep walks and does things in a hallucination trance, he isn't always at fault- often not recalling that it was him who did these crimes and obstructions of property. Though it's there in his subconsciousness.
Do you understand all of the rules, and will you follow them?: Yes. Yes I did. And yes, yes I will.
RP Sample:
"Sometimes you have to look beyond the words and in depth. What do you think J.D. Salinger was trying to tell us through Holden?" the English teacher asked, perching herself on the edge of her own desk. The class had that awkward silence, where they knew the answer but simply just didn't want to say anything. After a moment or two of this silence, the teacher sighed for a long moment and glanced down at her clipboard. "Donnie, Donnie Darko. What do you think?" she asked, pushing her glasses up against her face and stared across the heads of children and at the peculiar young boy. "I think.." the boy began, clearing his throat. "I think he's not really trying to say anything. He's just telling a story about some over-heterosexual teenager that is obsessed with women and that has some slight issues. Slight issues. You want to see some real issues--" he cut himself off, his thin lips pushing closed. His eyes flicked over to the door and he saw the familiar shadow of two tall ears and an awkward head. Some real issues? You don't have any real issues, Donnie..

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Re: Life Is Becoming a Nightmare Sequence

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